Health for Over 50’s

As we get older, one of the benefits is that we gain wisdom and experience. At least we hope we do. However, the downside is that our bodies eventually start showing signs of ageing. They are usually signs of muscle function, blood flow and healing ability start slowing down. Adding to that is the inevitable “wear-and-tear” that can take its toll on everyone once you reach a certain age.

The unfortunate fact is that how we chose to live when we were younger (and to a lesser degree how we choose to live now) and our genetic inheritance, they both have a dramatic effect on how healthy we are when once we cross over that line into our fifties.

The upside is that it’s not all bad news! Major strides forward are being made in medical research and in the treatment of age related conditions. But, healthy self care as well as a few preventative measures, actually go a long way in reducing the effects of ageing.

It is our hope that you will find something useful on our site as every one of our contributors has been there before you and is a valuable resource in the challenges that lay ahead for you.