Skin Care is More Than Avoiding The Sun

As children, we have always had blemish-free, clear and glowing skin. As we grow older and teenage hormones start playing havoc with our emotions and the biology of our growing bodies, break-outs are common. Further years down the line, pollution, stress and our diet slowly wither our skin away. As the environment changes, so does the requirements for skin care. No longer will only a tube of sunscreen to prevent burning suffice. We will need to take certain measures regularly to keep our skin moist, soft and clear. The list of skin-care necessary activities is ever-growing but we have done our best to narrow it down to the most specific recommendations that a skin doctor will give you.


Humans need to intake at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily to remain in overall good health. Water is not just about thirst and dehydration but also about a hydrated and healthy skin. Without enough water, your skin will look dry, wrinkles and blemishes will become more prominent. Water helps not only hydrate your body, but your skin by keeping it fresh and replenished.

Remove make-up

Remove make-up without fail every night before going to bed. Your skin exfoliates over night and make-up that is still on skin can impede this process. Over time, your skin will become dull and look cracked and old . So, remove your make-up and then cleanse your skin gently with a DIY remedy for additional effects and nurturing.


Slather your body with a rich moisturising cream right after your bath or shower, when the skin is still damp. If you prefer to go the natural way, a teaspoon of coconut oil will also suffice. Without proper moisturisation, your skin will look flaky and pores will become more evident. Some moisturising cream may be considered quite expensive compared to others, however, sometimes it is worth it to spend a little bit more for a higher chance of quality and results.

Face Pack and Facials

Make it a point to use your preferred face-pack at least twice a week to rejuvenate your skin from the inside. While there are many types of face-packs available in your local shops, you can also make one of your own using honey and lemon. There are many DIY recipes in the web that you can try before settling on one that suits your skin the best. Be aware that your skin may react extreme differently to differing substances used so you may need to go through some tougher times to find that works. A more direct treatment you could seek is a hydrafacial which a process that often offers better results.

What You Eat

What you eat, shows on your skin. Fried food cause pimples. Conversely, green leafy vegetables keep your skin glowing and healthy-looking. So, reduce sugar, fried food and store-brought instant mix. Choose to buy healthy veggies and cook your own food.

Smoking Kills

Smoking not only causes different types of cancers but also leaves your skin dry and discoloured. Nicotine also sucks a lot of nutrients from your body including vitamin C which is necessary to protect and repair your skin.


Stress shows on your skin. Your skin pallor and wrinkles show up when you are stressed. Manage your stress by doing breathing exercises, yoga and enjoying your hobbies. If you are happy, so is your skin.

Lip care

Let us not forget our lips! To avoid dry lips and bring out a gentle flush in them, use a lip balm with sun protection and Vitamin C.


Choose a hypoallergenic make-up or use DIY videos to make your own natural kit. Ensure that whichever brand you choose, there is no skin irritation or break-outs on using the brands. Prefer to keep your look as natural as possible and avoid heavy-duty make-up routine that can mess up your skin.

Sun Protection

Last but not the least, sun protection. Use sunscreen no matter what weather. With increasing pollution and decreasing air quality, UV is a real threat. As per the American Cancer Society, you should choose a sunscreen with broad spectrum protection and SPF 30 and above.

A healthy and glowing skin naturally contributes to your appearance, boosts your ego and helps you to present yourself more confidently. Don’t ever avoid skin care.