A Romantic Trip Post Retirement

Most people have found romance taking the back seat in their trip possibly because they are busy planning their trip, sticking to a budget, or are unfamiliar with the place.

However, despite the case, you can always make your trip more romantic no matter how difficult it may seem. To make your trip more romantic, you don’t need to spend weeks to plan a romantic trip or get the foreign hotel staff to decorate your bed with roses.

You can easily spice up your trip after your working days with inexpensive and unique ways of adding more romance. Here are activities that can make your trip more romantic.

Avoid the Crowds as Much As Possible

The truth is that most of the “so-called” romantic places in the world aren’t as romantic as they appear in movies or photographs. For instance, the Eiffel Tower is never as quiet as it normally appears to be in a photograph. You would never think of having a romantic experience at the foot of the tower, where there are lots of pushy and noisy tourists taking pictures.

But if you want to make your trip more romantic, look beyond paying high entrance fees and joining a boring queue. Try look-out for solitary places, they offer more romantic experiences. For example, Hobart, Tasmania is known for their romantic getaway hotels which provides you with a peaceful and a serene environment to enjoy some quality time with your partner. Additionally, these hotels in Hobart are known for their fine dining experience. Something to satiate that connoisseur nature of yours and your partner which you’ve never explored before during your busy work schedules.

Famous and most visited places draw lots of tourists, massive crowds, tourist guides, and aggressive hawkers which are not good for a romantic trip. So, if you want a more romantic trip, consider less-known places or schedule your romantic trip during an early-morning weekday to those famous places that attract crowds.

Book a Self-Catered Apartment

To enjoy a more romantic trip, book a self-catered apartment. Booking a place where you wouldn’t have to hide those things precious items of yours or tip any steward can make your trip more romantic than booking an expensive, lavish hotel room. Self-catering apartments, such as vacation apartments and rentals, are usually equipped with have living rooms and kitchens, offer more freedom, and could be cheaper than hotels or inns.

Such self-catered apartments are more romantic because they allow couples to create a cosy and conducive environment in an unfamiliar destination.

Plan out Some Secret Excursion

You can make your trip with your partner more romantic by keeping the destination a secret until you arrive at the airport, or better still, book a last-minute weekend flight with your partner. However, if you want a more romantic experience that requires less planning, then you may plan out a secret restaurant outing or excursion while on vacation. Plan ahead and keep a look out for places or hotels that provide you with the best package that suits your requirements. The right amount of planning can guarantee an excited trip be it in Paris, London, India, Ohio or Hobart, good hotel offers can help with your romantic getaway planning.

As you’re planning your trip together with your loved one, take note of all the activities that your partner likes and try to fit them into the trip. Find a romantic way to make those activities happen and ensure that you keep it a perfect surprise.

Plan a Suitcase Surprise

Another less expensive but significant way to make your trip more romantic is to plan a suitcase surprise. How do you go about this? Buy an item that your partner would surely use during your trip together. Then hide that item in your partner’s suitcase and let him or her discover the item while unloading. You don’t need to be too practical, simply get your partner items like candy, spectacle, guidebooks, a new sweater, or a novel by favourite authors. Socks, tweezers, and deodorant may not be good enough.

It is important to note that the TSA’s airport security rules for gels and liquid still hold. So, when planning your romantic surprise, you may need to think twice before you put that bottle of champagne into your partner’s suitcase.

Doing those activities would surely make your trip with your partner a more romantic experience.