Initiatives taken towards mental disability in Melbourne

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In Australia, mental illness is in one of the top three causes of disease burden. It is a significant contributor to the disability burden within Victoria.

With over half the Australians going through some mental illness in their lifetime, we need to offer help so we can improve their mental wellbeing.
We see mental wellbeing as the embodiment of emotional and social welfare. This is for both genders, which includes tackling gender stereotypes and promoting healthy masculinities for young men and boys.
Mental wellbeing is a state in which people can develop their work productivity, build positive relationships, creativity and have an overall meaningful contribution to the community.

Here are some good initiatives for people to get involved in:

 Safe and supported

This program has the goal to build social connections and resilience for the young LGBTI people. It aims to help raise awareness within organisations to reduce the discrimination, abuse and the isolation that these people are suffering. This youth support service ensures that young people are getting supported at home and are feeling safe in their homes and schools. Sheltered and supported deliver many initiatives to help engage young people to guide them.

Knowing your name but not your story

A program that equips and engages people to develop digital stories about how they can connect with their local community. Knowing, understanding and having appreciation with other people’s stories can help people to build empathy and create a more inclusive society. It will help to support the connections within the community while increasing the likelihood of meaningful social relationships.

Counselling therapy

Young Women’s Leadership program

The young women’s leadership program gives a more structured approach to increase women’s confidence, skills and leadership opportunities in a learning environment. The program works with a young woman from refugee and migrant backgrounds. More confidence has been seen in the women already in the program with an increase in self-belief to go for opportunities like scholarships for university and other career opportunities.

Bright Futures Challenge Phase 3

Vic health has established phase 3 of the challenge for bright futures. It has a focus on embedding and replicating promising projects aimed at young people as a part of early years and childcare. VicHealth has chosen projects that showed promising impacts on the mental wellbeing on young people. They showed a strong potential to be replicated and expanded into other local government areas.

BandMates Victoria

BandMates Victoria puts those with a mental health condition or a permanent disability with others alike where they go and see festivals and live music all over Victoria. The program is helpful for those with mental health conditions, as most of them would not be able to attend any live music performances. The program has a keen interest across Melbourne so far.

 The kitchen challenges

Building the capacity and capabilities of vulnerable young people, the kitchen challenge aims to change individual attitudes and behaviours. At the same time, they are broadening the choices that are readily available to them. The participants are engaging in immersive programs that are based in a cooking environment.  The goal is to help them to learn about nutrition and gain new life skills, which can lead to future employment.

Some people don’t have the extra support they need at home or school, and that is where these types of programs are suited for young people, so they get a chance to lead a healthy life.